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Jollypop Dummies & Pacifiers

Jollypop dummies are my preferred dummy in a newborn session. They help to soothe and calm the baby.

What makes Jollypop different to all the other baby dummies? The reason Jollypop is the number one dummy is that it is safer, more comfortable and lighter weight!

They are soft and fully flexible with no hard inner guard and are made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone. They are BPA, Latex and phthalate FREE to make sure your baby isn’t exposed to unsafe chemicals used by other dummy manufacturers. And the comfortable-curved shape fits the baby’s face perfectly. Jollypop Pacifiers are the preferred dummy for 0-3-month-olds used in hospitals around Australia.

Jollypop Newborn size dummies have a natural nipple shape that babies love as it helps to avoid nipple confusion. Plus, they’re designed with your child’s palate, teeth and gum development in mind. Their baby pacifiers not only help your little one settle more easily, but also help breastfeeding babies transition at feeding time without any hassle due to their natural nipple like shape.

Head on over to Jollypop to see their range of dummies and pacifiers.